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Flying into Fifth Grade (Broward Campus)

Flying into Fifth Grade (Broward Campus)

Ages 9 or 10

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Course Description+

This enrichment program is for students entering fifth grade who are looking for an advanced curriculum as they prepare to transition into fifth grade. Through differentiated instruction, teachers will bring each learner to the next level. Students will work on more sophisticated vocabulary and literature to help with analysis. Math will include concepts of logic, reasoning and problem solving.

Session dates:
Session 1A: 6/10/24 - 6/28/24 (8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.) (EST)
Session 2A: 7/01/24 - 7/19/24 (8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.) (EST) - closed 7/04/24
Session 3A: 7/22/24 - 8/09/24 (8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.) (EST)

Each session is unique, so your child will benefit from taking more than one session.

Meet Jill Brown+

Jill Brown is a 17 year veteran teacher. This is her third year at American Heritage School. She has worked in the classroom and outside of the classroom developing and supporting teachers with professional development and curriculum. She has led educational meetings both in a school setting, as well as larger venues. She feels most passionate about education experiences that foster relationship building with students. Jill has always felt a need to help children of all ages with social-emotional growth and well being, as well as knowledge attainment. She has a Master's in Guidance Counseling and plans to seek her Doctorate in the near future.

Meet Gwendolyn Esposito+

Gwendolyn Esposito has been teaching for 16 years, the last five of which have been as a fifth grade teacher at American Heritage School. Four out of those 16 years have been spent in administrative roles such as Assistant Principal and STEM Curriculum Writer for the School District of Palm Beach County. She currently holds an Educational Leadership Certificate for grades K-12, Elementary Teaching Certificate for grades K-6, and she is the current team leader for fifth grade. She is also the advisor for the Safety Patrol program as well as the co-advisor for the SGA program at American Heritage School.

Meet Susana Levy+

Susana Levy is an experienced K-12 ESOL teacher. She is passionate about education and has been studying language acquisition and how to best teach it for ten years. She currently works as a high school ESOL teacher for American Heritage School, where she has taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced ESOL. Susana believes that the best teacher is one who constantly learns, so she has participated in numerous ESOL professional development workshops and local and regional conferences. She plans to continue developing her career as a language educator and take efforts to facilitate cross-cultural communication.

Additional Course Information+

A class may be canceled if fewer than 6 students enroll, and a specific teacher is not guaranteed. It is the parents’ responsibility to check with their child's school when seeking credit for a course. For online courses, the students’ cameras MUST be turned on at all times, and attendance is mandatory. To protect the privacy rights of all, there is absolutely no videotaping or recording by students during the course. Students must be age appropriate for the course, and all students must adhere to proper online etiquette. For online courses, young children must be supervised by a parent at all times.

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