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Randi Mehlman

PK-4 and 2nd Grade Student, Family at American Heritage School

"I cannot say enough about how incredible Mrs. Frye (PK4) and Mrs. Cheney (2nd) have transitioned the children to distance learning. It’s not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination and they have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I have zero worries about how well our daughters will be prepared for next year. Thank you!!!!!!!"

Kathryn Griffin

10th Grade Student, Family at American Heritage School

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you and please thank all of your teachers and other staff for caring for our children and community!! I am so proud that my child and our family are a part of the American Heritage family. You all have done a fantastic job during these difficult times! I just wanted again to offer my thanks!!"

Anthony J. Abati

9th Grade Student, Family at American Heritage School

"Thanks for the professionalism, resourcefulness, and adaptability that reside within the American Heritage School. My family and many others are fortunate to be part of your school’s growing legacy. Think well, embrace social distancing, and stay healthy; my thoughts and prayers are with you, your loved ones, and our American Heritage shipmates. "

Samantha Gornstein

8th & 12th Grade Students, Family at American Heritage School

"I’ve relied on AH tutoring for a variety of lower & upper school classes for both of my children. I would definitely recommend this program if your child is struggling. Having dedicated teacher so easily available to you is a great service and a tremendous convenience. We love it!"

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