Continuing Social Development During Summer

Continuing Social Development During Summer


Summer is a time when children embrace their newfound freedom and enjoy the warm weather. Summer programs and youth camps, such as the American Heritage Summer Day Camps and Summer Education, are great ways for them to continue learning and growing from June to August.

Forge new friendships

One of the primary benefits of summer youth programs is the opportunity to meet new people. Unlike traditional classroom settings, summer sessions typically bring together students from different schools, cities, and even countries. Additionally, group activities and team-building exercises encourage collaboration and communication skills. These valuable skills benefit both personal and professional relationships, help students feel more confident and comfortable in social situations, and can lead to life-long friendships.

Explore personal interests and passions

Summer youth programs also provide an opportunity for students to explore their interests and passions on a deeper level. American Heritage Schools’ summer camp programs are made for children ages 3-13 and include day camps and specialty camps. Specialty camps focus on a wide variety of subjects, like Robotics, Art, Science, Musical Theatre, Video Production, and Sports, all of which can help students find a sense of purpose and direction.

Try something new

Summer programs and day camps are a great way for students to shift gears from the school year routine. By stepping outside their comfort zones and trying new things, students can gain a fresh perspective on life and the world. Young artists, little engineers, junior explorers and more can unleash their creativity and curiosity at a summer campus like American Heritage Summer Day Camp and Summer Education. These new experiences can continue to inspire children from summer camp into the next school year. 

To sum up, summer youth programs offer a valuable opportunity for students to continue their social development and personal growth outside of the classroom. By meeting new people, pursuing their passions, and gaining a fresh perspective, students can approach the coming school year with renewed energy and enthusiasm. 

With over 55 years in education and over 40 years of summer camp, American Heritage Summer Day Camps and Summer Education is a great option to find a program that best suits your child’s interests and needs. If you are interested in your child continuing summer learning, the Summer Institute at American Heritage Schools is an excellent choice for academic enrichment with over 120 summer courses, designed with student interest and engagement in mind, for students in PK3 through 12th grade. 


American Heritage Schools is a leader in private education, academic excellence, and innovation. With two 40 acre campuses, one in Broward County and the other in Palm Beach County, Florida, we serve 4,600 students grades PK3 through 12. American Heritage Schools was recently named the #1 Private School for academic success with the highest number of National Merit Scholars of all private schools in the nation. For over 55 years, our mission of knowledge, integrity, and compassion has developed the full potential of each child to be an active, intelligent, creative, and contributing member of society. Contact an admissions director for more information or sign up for a campus tour.

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