Five Benefits of Summer Camp for Children

Five Benefits of Summer Camp for Children

Summer Camp Kids Having Fun

There are so many summer camp options at American Heritage Schools

Five benefits of summer camp:

  1. Develop and strengthen talents
  2. Gain independence
  3. Disconnect from digital devices
  4. Build teamwork, leadership, and communication skills
  5. Have fun

Summer is almost upon us and you are probably looking for ways to keep your child busy. Maybe something that is fun, as well as educational? Perhaps you are looking for activities that will help your child learn or improve certain skills or allow him or her to pursue a passion?


We have just the answer for you. American Heritage Schools has two campuses - one in Broward County and the other in Palm Beach County - and both offer a variety of day camps and summer education for kids ages 3-14. Some of our day camps feature a variety of activities, from swimming to sports to art. Others focus on specific interests, such as robotics, science, and musical theatre.


No matter which day camp you choose, your child will enjoy many adventures while making new friends and lasting memories. We discuss the many options available at American Heritage Schools and the benefits of attending our summer day camps.


American Heritage Summer Day Camps and Summer Education are more than a way to “keep your children busy” for a few hours a day. Yes, it is important that your children have something to do but camp can benefit them in five important ways, including:

  1. Learn new skills

Summer camp exposes children to new ideas and skills. While it is fun to make a bird feeder out of pine cones or learn martial arts moves, activities like these can also help develop your child’s brain and coordination. Children will be able to stretch their creativity and imagination while participating in summer camp activities.


Our camps also help children express their energy and get physical activity. They include swimming lessons every day, which are vital to learn here in Florida.


  1. Promotes independence

Encouraging your child to become more independent is an essential life skill. Children need to learn to rely on their instincts and judgment, which are both necessary to achieve life and career goals later. Becoming self-sufficient will shape them into productive and capable adults.


  1. Digital Disconnect

Our society – especially young people – spends hours on smartphones and other devices. Whether using a tablet device to do school work, texting their friends, playing computer games, or going on social media, many children are glued to screens every day. Summer camp is a chance for children to disconnect from the digital world, explore nature, and interact socially in person.


  1. Learn to play well with others

Most activities at summer camp involve teamwork in some way. Whether competing in a kickball game, learning dance steps, or figuring out computer programs, children often have to work together to achieve a goal. Teamwork is a great skill that will help your child throughout his or her life. It also helps develop communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence.


  1. Have fun!

Summer Day Camps at American Heritage Schools are all about creating lifelong memories and having fun! Playtime is as important as academics in a child’s development in many ways. Play promotes academic progress, creativity, imagination, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. These are essential skills for healthy adults.

Summer camp options at American Heritage Schools

At American Heritage Schools, you will find a variety of summer day camp options for children, from preschool through grade nine. Camp for younger children focuses on exploring the world and having fun. Older children can choose a varied camp experience or one that focuses on a specific subject.

Summer day camps

  • Junior Camp – Preschool (PK-3-Kindergarten) 
  • Senior Camp – Elementary School (Grades 1-6) 
  • Senior Camp – Upper School (Grades 7-9) 

Specialty camps

  • Robotics Camp – Grades 2-5 and Grades 6-9
  • Science Adventure Camp – Grades 2-5 and Grades 6-9
  • Musical Theatre Camp – Grades K-5 and Grades 6-9
  • Art Camp – Grades K-4 and Grades 6-9

We also offer morning care (before 8:30 a.m.) and after camp care (after 3:30 p.m.) as well as door-to-door and free central bus services for campers who are four years and older.

Summer school programs

If your child needs extra help in a specific subject or you want to ensure he or she maintains academic gains, check out the Summer Institute at American Heritage Schools. We offer in-person and online summer classes for Elementary, Middle, and High School students.

Elementary School programs

Summer classes for Elementary School students are designed for students going into Grades Pre-K-5. We offer general reinforcement and enrichment programs for all grade levels, as well as specialized instruction in math, reading, writing, speech and debate, piano, and chess, as well as ESOL courses for international students.

Middle School programs

Our Middle School summer classes are designed for students going into grades six-eight. The goal is to help your child maintain academic achievement, learn new skills, and prepare for the next grade level.

Along with enrichment and reinforcement programs for all grade levels, we offer specialized instruction in:

  • Math (Math Enrichment, Pre-Algebra, Geometry and more)
  • English
  • Speech and Debate
  • Prep for Success Science Fair
  • Prep for Success NHD (National History Day)
  • Chess by the National Scholastic Chess Foundation
  • -Pre-Professional
  • -Electives
  • -Leadership
  • -SAT Test Prep
  • -ESOL

Your child can also receive one-on-one tutoring.

High School programs

Our High School summer classes are designed for students going into Grades 9-12. These programs prepare students for the coming year and beyond. We offer specialized programs in a variety of STEM fields, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Business Essentials, Speech and Debate, SAT Essentials, and more.


Meanwhile, our Summer Institute online classes are designed for high-achieving students of all ages who want to dive deeper into a specific subject. Your child can also receive one-on-one tutoring.


Let us help your child learn, grow, and thrive this summer


Make sure your family’s plans include American Heritage Summer Day Camps and Summer Education. There are so many ways to help your child grow and thrive this summer and we are waiting to make it happen. We are dedicated to helping each student reach his or her potential.

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